VLog #1 – I’ve Been Doing it Wrong

NetCost0.com VLog 1 November 2022

Hi, I’m Val. Together, my husband and I own several domain names and a few small websites.

I purchased domain names for the business ideas I wanted to develop but found I had more ideas than time to bring those ideas to life. The domain names I did not have time to build a website on (and launch a business) sat in my domain portfolio without earning a single penny. This cost us money.

These VLogs are a stream-of-consciousness discourse about the work we did each week.

NetCost0.com VLog #1 Transcript

Hi. I’m Val. My website is NetCost0 and this is my first VLog.

I started NetCost0.com because I was doing “domaining” all wrong. I learned this primarily through Rick Schwartz on Twitter. His handle is @DomainKing and I have been following him for awhile.

And, I have this portfolio of, between 300 and 400 domain names and I had always thought of it as an investment but, it was a cost. I mean, in the future it may be an investment if the domain names actually manage to pay for themselves. But, I had never looked at it that way and he brought this home over the course of several, several, actually, several months for me.

So, what I decided to do, was focus on, at the very least, making the domain names pay for themselves, right? And, if you think about the cost of a hand-registered domain, and most of mine, they are hand-registered, the cost to carry the domain name works out to somewhere between 3 cents and 4 cents per day.

And, what Rick Schwartz says is, “Go find a way to make 3 or 4 cents a day!” And, that rolled around in my head for a little bit and I thought, “God, he’s right. He’s definitely right!”

And my portfolio is costing me money; it’s not an investment because these domains, are just sitting there. They’re not doing anything. And this provided, the… this was the impetus for buying NetCost0.com. And then thinking, “what is it I need to do to make these domain names, at the very least, pay for themselves?

And so, here we are. The site has been up for about a week. I have 2 posts on it right now. I’m really in the state where I am gathering a lot of information and trying not to “run down the hill,” and I’ll let Rick Schwartz tell that joke if he wants to. But, I’m very excited about it because now that I see very clearly what needs to be done, I feel like I’ve been wasting time.

So, once again, I’m Val, hello. If you’ve managed to find this on the web, leave me a hello. I won’t even ask you to subscribe because who knows what kind of content will come from this. But, thanks for listening; thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the web. Bye!




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