Affiliate Disclosure




Receiving a commission on products and services sold via links is what Affiliate Marketing is all about. Affiliate Marketing is one way to monetize your blog.

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you click on one of these affiliate links and end up making a purchase, I’ll receive a commission from the seller.

Affiliate Marketing has allowed many content researchers and writers to do what they love. It is win/win/win because you don’t pay any more money for the product just because you purchased through my affiliate link, the merchant or manufacturer receives a sale and I am thankful for the revenue that helps me write this blog.

Work Stuff: Tools I Use

Every writer and web publisher has a work flow that helps them research and write about the things they love. Fundamental to that work flow is “work stuff” – those favorite tools and services that help them run their business. I’ll be sharing mine on this page, so thanks in advance for signing up using my code.