What is Domain Name Parking and How Can it Help Me?




Domain Name Parking is the practice of pointing a domain to a temporary placeholder page or advertisement.

Domain Name Parking Explained

After registering a domain name, if you do not want to immediately use it for a website, you can “park” it. Domain name parking involves pointing the domain to a parking page, which is a placeholder web page that typically displays ads and offers for other websites. The benefit of parking a domain name varies with the type of placeholder page.

Placeholder pages are usually called, “Landers.” Landers are preconfigured pages or, templates; more often than not, you do not control the layout of the Lander. You “point your DNS” to the Parking Company’s Name Servers and they do the rest.

The benefit of Domain Name Parking depends on what you hope to gain by parking the domain. You may want to generate leads for a product or service. In this case, your Lander will display a form to collect an email addres or telephone number. You might also want to stave off a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy proceeding by parking your domain instead of passively holding it. A one page Lander that defines or describes the purpose of the domain, your Company or makes a bona fide offering of goods and services may help you in a domain name dispute.

Finally, you may hope to generate revenue by parking your domain. Here, the Parking Template will contain advertisements, backgrounds and the name of your domain.

How Does Parking my Domain Help Me?

Domain name parking can be a type of domain name monetization that may help you recover the cost of owning a domain name.

“Monetization” is a big, fancy word that means you’ve set up a way to make money. So, if you put advertisements, coupons or links on your blog that you can get paid for, you’ve monetized your blog.

Whether the ads, links or coupons actually make money can depend on different factors. The fact that you’ve made it possible to do so is sufficient to say you’ve monetized your domain.

Why Should I Park my Domain?

Perhaps you haven’t decided what to do with your domain yet. Or, you aren’t ready to build a website. You’ve purchased the domain and it is available to you, but it isn’t hosted and it isn’t parked. Therefore, when someone types your domain name into their browser, they get nowhere. Not only do they not find you but they’re left hanging.

We humans don’t like this lack of closure. We prefer things that are known, settled and decided. Our minds are wired that way.

when your domain is not hosted and not parked it cannot be reached

Parking your domain gives your domain visitors a nicer view than the dreaded, “This site can’t be reached,” message.

Even if you don’t make money from your parked domains, people prefer closure over a lack of resolution.

How Do I Make Money with Parked Domains?

Successfully monetizing my domain names is my goal. Parking is my chosen method.